Berlin – The reimporter Veron Pharma is exempt from insolvency. The company, headquartered in Kaiserslautern, will continue under a new owner. Manufacturer discounts, with which pharmacies at Veron went into advance, should be taken over.

Veron was founded in 1997. The managing director was Ronny Druck, who has since left the company. The insolvency proceedings were opened in early February. The functioning business areas are transferred to a new company. “It had to be decided quickly.” That it had come to a continuation, in the industry represents an exceptional situation.

In Germany, the British will act as “+ Alpha Pharma” in the future. All 22 employees and the company buildings were taken over, says Wieschemann. The company was excellently equipped, the technical equipment in the production was up to date. The existing permits would still have to be overwritten to the new owner, so Wieschemann. The purchase was discussed with the authorities and approved by the creditors.

Claims have been filed so far about 25 suppliers and the Federal Employment Agency. Pharmacies and banks were not yet creditors. “+ Alpha Pharma” had provided that pharmacies would not be charged with manufacturer discounts, so Wieschemann. The new owner also took over the liabilities with the transfer of the company. The discounts would have an order of magnitude in the middle to high five-digit range.

According to Wieschemann, there were internal problems. He did not want to give concrete reasons for the bankruptcy. Veron has generated at peak times annual sales of about 5 million euros; Above all, a good direct business should have been responsible for the success.

When the products were later sold only through the wholesale, sales should be broken. Finally, only between 200,000 and 300,000 euros have been earned. According to IMS figures, the company currently ranks 15th, behind smaller providers such as “BR Pharma” and “European Pharma”.

“+ Alpha Pharma” will offer a wide range at competitive prices, says CEO Shan Hassam.

In future, further product approvals will be applied for in this country. Hassam and his partner Abbas Kanani want to focus again on direct sales to pharmacies. “Our experience in the UK market, where we are a leading importer, shows us that pharmacies are not only interested in attractive offers, but also in the high quality of customer service.”

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